Direct Reporting Units

Apart from the CAS’ supporting staff and Branch heads, there are other units who by virtue of their functions, report directly to HQ NAF.

These groups are:     

●  Nigerian Air Force Holding Company (NAFHC)

●  Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)

●  National Air Defence Corp (NADC)

●  Air Expo & International Liaison Secretariat (AILS)

  Presidential Air Fleet (011 PAF) 

●  Quick Response Force (013 QRF)

●  Strategic Intelligence Group (015 SIG)

●  Communications Depot (041 CD)

●  Personnel Management Group (051 PMG)

●  NAF Camp Abuja (053 NAF Camp Abuja)

●  NAF Camp Lagos (055 NAF Camp Lagos)

●  Provost Investigation Group (057 PIG)

●  Aeromedical Centre (061 AMC)

●  NAF Hospital Abuja (063 NAFH)

●  Pay and Accounting (081 PAG)

●  Nigerian Air Force Housing Construction Company (NAFHCC)

●  Nigerian Air Force Properties (NAF Prop)

●  Nigerian Air Force Investment Limited (NAFIL)

●  Aeronautical Engineering & Technical Services Ltd (AETSL)

●  Air War College (AWC)

●  Nigerian Air Force Works Centre (NAFWC)

●  Senior Non Commission Leadership and Management Academy (SNCO'S L & MA)

●  Nigerian Air Force School of Finance & Account (NAFSFA)

●  Nigerian Air Force Mother & Child Hospital (NAF M&C Hosp)

●  Air Force Research and Development Centre (AFRDC)

●  Nigerian Air Force Recruitment Centre (NAFRC)

●  Nigerian Air Force Reference Hospital Port Harcourt (NAFRH)


Organogram and
structure of the
Nigerian Air Force

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