As part of efforts to deepen understanding of global geopolitics and military-industrial dynamics, the Air Force War College (AFWC) recently undertook an international study tour to Türkiye and Morocco. The tour was majorly aimed at equipping the participants with a deeper understanding of the complexities of international politics, security, and the interdependence of modern nation-states. The overarching theme for the tour was "Military Industrial Complex and National Development: Lessons for Nigeria," with a focus on understanding the technological advancements and manufacturing capabilities of the armed forces in these countries. The participants also explored how these 2 nations have leveraged their military-industrial complexes to bolster their national development agendas.

According to the Commandant of the College, Air Vice Marshal Gabriel Kehinde, "The goal of the study tour was to provide our participants with a comprehensive understanding of the linkages between military capabilities, technological innovation, and economic progress. By examining the models adopted by Türkiye and Morocco, we aim to draw valuable lessons that can inform Nigeria's own path towards strengthening its defense industry and fostering sustainable national development." Upon their return to Nigeria, the participants presented their findings in both oral and written forms, highlighting the unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) observed in each country. These insights and lessons learnt will then be utilized to guide the Nigerian Air Force's (NAF) strategic planning and decision-making processes, as the Service seeks to optimize its own military-industrial capabilities.

The successful completion of the study tour underscores NAF’s commitment to fostering a highly informed and strategically minded officers’ corps, capable of addressing the evolving challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing global security environment.



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