Improving project delivery in the NAF by adopting a standard method

26th February 2013 - Published By: Squadron Leader MS Lawal

In today's fast changing and globally competitive businesses environment, oraganisations cannot afford to rest on their laurels, because what worked yesterday will probably not be effective tomorrow. Consequently, organisations need to continuously introduce new ways of working in order to foster development and improve efficiency. Projects are an effective means of introducing change in organisations, and adopting a systematic approach can be a deciding factor between success and failure. Irrespective of the industry type or size, every project undertaken today requires a systematic approach for successful execution. READ MORE

Coping with life situation in a work environment

1st November 2012 - Published By: AIR CDRE BA YAKASAI - MNIM, FSS, MSS, DSS, psc, DC Neurol Cert. Av. Med., DPM, FMCPsych

At the beginning of psychoanalysis, the notion of wanted or stable state was that of no tensions and no activity which was referred to as principle of homeostasis. This idea came from the physics of closed system, obeying the principle of energy minimum or dissipation minimum. READ MORE

NAF physical fitness conditioning guide

2nd November 2012 - Published By:

1. Regardless of age, grade or specialty all NAF personnel should be physical fit to support the mission of the NAF.  Physical training is a means to enable optimum conditioning of an individual’s body system. Although such training is required 3 times in a week, personnel would exceed this requirement with additional workouts on their own. This pamphlet therefore provides tips required to better prepare personnel for the proposed Annual Physical Fitness Evaluation Programme (PFEP). READ MORE


Organogram and
structure of the
Nigerian Air Force

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